Our Story

Hi, my name is Nicole. I am the creator of this candle and self-care company.
Welcome to Light and Bloom, previously known as Lunar Love Candle Co.
Light and Bloom is a brand inspired by light & flora. Designed for the conscious consumer who loves candles, natural remedies and appreciates eco-sustainable small businesses.
This journey was sparked November of 2018 by the joy that came when I bought a stunning soy wax candle at a local Christmas market. The packaging was clean and simple, the scent was fresh and but not overpowering and I couldn't get over how long it lasted! Hours upon hours of burn time.
I stayed away from candles because I read they were harmful for air quality and may be toxic to our furry friends. I also had an awful experience with a paraffin candle and woke up with black soot lining the inside of nose - I could barely breath. Digging further, I found that most candles purchased in popular big box stores today are paraffin based - a petroleum derivative, which leaches toxins into the air. The candles burn super fast, super hot and typically smell WAY too strong. It's a recipe for health disaster!
It wasn't until March of 2019 that I really started looking into candle making - "how do I do this" and "where do I start?". I was reading, watching youtube videos and searching Google. Soon after I found an amazing supplier an hour away from my house #supportlocal and decided to dive into wax melting, fragrance measuring, temperature monitoring. I.e. the candle making world.
The rest is history.
Aligned with my personal beliefs and enjoyments, I have created an environmentally sustainable brand that sparks creativity and encourages a relationship with the Lord. I want to empower myself and others to embrace the seasons of life and go through the doors that are open (and also be wise enough to know when a metaphorical door has closed).
I am making it my mission to support independent animal advocacy and care organizations across Canada. As this brand flourishes, I will have a set amount from every order go towards a charity of our choice. This is just one of the goals I have for Light & Bloom as it expands and grows. I'm so excited to be a part of this community.
From my house to yours, thank you for supporting this small, hand-crafted business!